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Version 1.3 Now Released!

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Hi EV Tourers,

We've just released the new EVHotels version 1.3 to the iTunes Store.

This App is designed for use by Real Life EV Tourers, staying in hotels en route.

New features in Version 1.3 are:

  • Ability to add either new EVHotels or Stand-alone EV Chargers to the map: Select the Edit Chargers Tab, then either hold your finger down on the map location of a new Stand-alone charger, or, select a Hotel Icon, followed by the 'Make it Green' menu option.

  • More Help pages and support links.

  • Stability improvements.

  • Corrected Typos.

  • Added several new hotel brands to the list of preferred hotels settings, per users requests.

We're now heading off to develop version 1.4. Please keep your requests coming? We want to make this your favorite support App for EV Touring. Email us at:

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