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Find Hotels with Electric Car Charging


Reduce charging time by locating and reserving​ hotels where you can charge your car

Find and reserve hotels with EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging facilities. 

The practical App for real life Electric Car Drivers and touring EV Drivers.

Several convenient filters allow fast map searching and identification of "EV Hotels".

- Quickly highlight your favorite hotel brands and chains
- Filter for EV Chargers plugs that are compatible with your car
- Identify EV Chargers supported by your preferred network memberships

The unique 'Interactive Legend' allows you to adjust the amount of information displayed on the map to see only the results you want.

Alternatively, find hotels that have an EV Charger within a customizable Walking Distance as a back-up option. 

Find conventional standalone chargers too.

Hotel Managers - Attract new pools of EV Driver guests for increased occupancy rates.

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