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Curtain Calculator
Manage & Design Your Home or Business Curtain Projects

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Focus more on curtain design and less on time consuming calculations

  • Curtain Design Calculator

  • Parametrized Curtain Materials Cost Estimator

  • Fabric Cut Sheet Calculator

  • Curtain Design Report Generator


Create interchangeable (imperial or metric unit) custom designs and several reports automatically calculate costs and quantities.

Develop custom designs with components including panel styles, top treatment styles, hardware mounting styles, relative dimensions (overhang, return, overlap, etc.), fabrics, liner, hems, and fullness among others.

Additionally, select multiple supply items and hardware mounting items to be applied to the design (tape, rings, weights, rods, etc.) from the default database or add your own custom items to the database.

Maintain several projects with multiple rooms and windows which are each linked to your custom designs in the design template library.

For each window, critical ceiling and wall dimensions may also be specified and the app automatically overrides the design when constraints exist and alerts the user of the override.

Automated reports provide key information:

  • The Diagrams report illustrates both the window and design dimensions and also notifies of any constraints taken into consideration.

  • The Cut List report provides the number of widths and length to be cut for both panels and top treatments independently.

  • The Shopping List report provides the fabric quantity as well as quantities of all the hardware and panel supplies calculated per window.

  • The Cost reports calculate the total cost per window and per project including all the fabrics, hardware and panel supplies.

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