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New for 2020: EVHotels Road Trip App Version Update Now Available

EVHotels App Download from the App Store

EVHotels App is the single EV Road Trip Source to find hotels that have EV charging

We are happy to announce our newly released EVHotels App Version 1.7 and our new video guides.

Upgrades and improvements include:

  1. Now with 22,000+ EVHotels worldwide

  2. Now includes over 250,000 total worldwide Hotels

  3. Now with over 71,000 public roadside charging stations

  4. Maximize your Hotel Loyalty Points - Select your favorites from over 170 International Hotel Brands

  5. Select your memberships from over 70 EV Network Providers

  6. Newly optimized for iOS 13 and supports Dark Mode

  7. Enhanced Help tab screenshots

  8. Updated graphics, bug fixes, stability improvements and performance enhancements for speed and reliability

The EVHotels App is the single source to plan your EV Road Trip to find Hotels that have EV Charging

For your next EV road trip, we have also added an EVHotel App YouTube Channel with video guides to help you get the most from the app.

Latest video topics include:

  • EV Road Trip Quick Start Guide

  • EVHotels App Components

  • Guide to EV Road Trip Customization - find your favorite hotel brands, your EV Network Memberships, and your car's plug type.

Thank you to all the hotels that have added EV Charging and are helping to create a sustainable future for all of us. Our website has pages dedicated to assisting hotels who are thinking of installing a charger.

We appreciate any feedback you have regarding the app and have incorporated several significant requests from our users. Feedback links are in the EVHotels App 'Help' tab and on the 'Support' page of our website.

There are several ways you can help us all encourage cleaner and more convenient touring with more EV charging facilities at hotels:

  • Share our website, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn pages with others who drive electric cars

  • Add EV chargers to the EVHotels App through the 'Add Charger' tab

  • Encourage hotels to install EV charging by distributing our information cards to hotels seeking more information.

We genuinely appreciate you subscribing to EVHotels and helping us all continue improving the charging network available to everyone who drives an electric car.

Thank you!

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