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Guide to Adding Your Hotel
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Step 1 - Required

EVHotels uses the Apple database to list your Hotel. To be visible in the EVHotels App, your hotel must be visible in Apple Maps. You can verify that this is the case by checking your Maps App on any Apple device. Once you are sure your hotel is listed on the Maps App, proceed to either of the two options below.

If your Hotel is NOT visible on Apple's Maps App, you may add it by going to and

following Apple's instructions to add your business. Once this is complete, you may select from the following two options below.

Option 1 - I have access to an Apple Device (iPhone or iPad)

  • Download  a copy of the EVHotels App onto your iPhone or iPad

  • Select the Add Charger Tab at the bottom

  • Find your hotel on the map and tap on it and choose the option: "Make it Green" (as shown in the image on the right)

  • Add the details of as many charger ports as you have at your hotel.

  • Include the current supplied in Amps, per port. (Optional)

  • Add any special instructions or fees into the upper text area. For example: "Charger located at the back of the garage" or "Call front desk to reserve the charger" or "No fees for guests to use charging facilities"

Option 2 - I do not have access to an Apple Device


Email us at requesting that your hotel be added to the EVHotels App and 

include the following information:-

  • Hotel name and address

  • The number of charger ports

  • The type of each charger

    • Examples: J1772, Chademo, Tesla, Mennekes, SAE-Combo, ...

    • If you don't know send us a photo of the plug's pins. Or a photo of the manual. ​ ​

  • The level of current (Amps) that you supply per port (optional)

  • If you charge a fee to use the facilities

    • Examples: Free for Guests, Open and free to the public, $5 per night for guests, Free for guests and $5 for public use, etc.

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