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Multi Map
The Multi-Location Map Search Tool

A map search tool that simultaneously shows multiple search results

We often want to find multiple places that are close to each other, but how do we accomplish that with a simple map App?

Real life questions we might ask ourselves on the road…

  • Is there a Gym near some Public Parking that’s also near a Mexican restaurant?

  • Where is there a hotel, next to a Public swimming Pool and also near a Library?

  • Is there a Chinese Restaurant near a Music Shop?

  • Which Bar is nearest an Indian Restaurant?

  • How about a hotel near the airport that’s near a supermarket?

  • Which area of ton has lots of Coffee Shops and which Coffee Shop is near a Book Shop?

  • I need a hotel next to a tennis court…?


To use, tap one of the three colors in the bar under the text search field and then type in your first search item.

For example:

  • Tap the Purple bar icon and type in “Hotel“.

  • Tap the Red bar icon and type in “School“

  • Tap "Show All" to see the resulting Hotels and Schools in the displayed map region. 


Three different colors for three different searches: “bar”, “restaurant”, “hotel“

The resulting colored pins on the map match the specific search color identifier. For example, the purple icons above are hotels.

Support for Satellite and Standard Map views.

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