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New for 2023: The New EVHotels App Version 1.12 Released

EVHotels App : The Electric Vehicle Road Trip App

Now with 90% more EVHotels

and more than double the number of Walk-To-EVHotels

EVHotels App - Find Hotels with Electric Car Charging

Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the number of electric cars on the road lining up to use charging stations as well as an increase in the number of charging networks, each with varying cost models. More than ever, the most efficient and least expensive way to travel with your electric car is to use free charging stations provided by hotels.

Find your favourite Hotel brands that offer charging at their location quickly and simply with the EVHotels App.

EVHotels App - shows hotels with electric car charging

Filter the map with your list of favorite hotel brands to stay and charge at your preferred locations while maximizing the use of your hotel chain's loyalty memberships.

Find hotels that offer charging facilities with your car's specific charger port and adaptors

The EVHotels App shows you:

  • Hotels that offer Electric Car Charging located and managed directly on premises

  • Hotels that have Electric Car Charging within walking distance - sometimes, the next best solution

  • Stand-alone roadside chargers- just like many other apps do

  • Your favorite brand Hotels highlighted uniquely from other Hotels

EVHotels App - with multiple customized filtering options

Remember, if you drive a Tesla, you can charge over night using your car's J1772 adaptor. Many EVHotels in the USA offer J1772 ports.

What's New in the EVHotels App Version 1.12 for 2023?

  • We've added 90% more EV hotels - this, thanks to the large number of hotels that have installed chargers over the past year, and also registered them with EVHotels

  • Now, more than 45,000 stay and charge EVHotels

  • More than 485,000 hotels and lodging locations worldwide

  • 175+ Hotel Brands now supported

  • We've added a new Cottages category to cover vacation homes, when performing hotel searches

  • Call ahead to hotel with a simple tap added to the hotel information screen

  • All the standard plugs and adaptor types are supported

  • Now with over 180,000 Stand alone, roadside chargers - 70% more

  • Also, additional Charger Networks have been included - now with 130+ EV Network Providers to add to your search filters

  • Updated to support iOS 16.4 for iPhone and iPad

  • Significant database optimization and performance tuning

  • Stability, accuracy and speed of use improvements

EVHotels App - Download on the App Store

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