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How Much would it Cost to Install an

Electric Car Charger?

Does your hotel already have an electric car charger?

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Don't yet have an electric car charger?

  1. Convince yourself it's good for business

  2. Find out about the cost below

  3. Read more about how to install a charger

  4. Reference the case study for even more details

Installing an electric vehicle (EV) Charger at your hotel is generally simple and doesn’t cost much. EV Chargers also cost very little to run, but provide for a tremendous incentive for EV drivers to stay at your hotel. Hotels all over the world are adding low cost chargers to successfully attract more hotel guests. The cost model for EV Chargers is often considered to be very comparable to other services offered such as WiFi. Would a guest with a tablet or smartphone stay at your hotel if you din’t have WiFi? Currently, the best selling luxury car in the United States is a fully electric vehicle and luxury cars are a strong indicator of tomorrow’s mid-range cars. The trends clearly show the number of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly.


Purely for informational purposes. Costs will vary by region, property, energy costs, labor costs, and contractual obligations among others.

electric vehicle charger installation

Local Permits

Approximately $100

  • Building permits may be required by your local county office for electrical work

electric vehicle charger installation


Approximately $1,000

  • Charger unit: can typically be purchased for around $500

  • Stand or panel/bracket mounting hardware

  • Connections to hotel power supply panel

  • Electrician design and labor costs

  • Reductions may be obtained through local or federal renewable energy incentives

electric vehicle charger installation

Running Cost

Approximately $3.00 per charge

  • Power supplied to charger plug (10A, 15A, 20A)

  • Average time cars draw power (battery capacity and battery level of cars coming in to charge)

  • Lower rates may be offered by local power company for time of use or renewable energy incentives

  • Charging the guests a nominal fee is optional 

Return on Investment

Fictional Example

A typical example situation of a 100 room hotel may be as follows:

A charger is installed for a total installation cost of $1,000. The charger attracts an additional 8 cars a month equating to $960 extra dollars of revenue per month @ $120/night. The delivered electricity cost is $17.60 a month @ $2.20 per car (see below for electricity cost comparisons). 


Assuming a gross margin of 40%, the electric vehicle business adds $384 per month to the gross margin and therefore the breakeven point to cover the $1,000 installation cost is 21 electric cars or just under 3 months.


This example uses fictional assumptions and the actual ROI will depend upon many variables including costs, prices, and electric cars served.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 1.13.44 AM.png
electric car charger energy cost

Providing an electric car charger for guests is a comparable or less cost to other common appliances used in the hotel for the guests.

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