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We actively work to improve EV Hotels by frequently delivering new features, performance enhancements, and incorporating the feedback of users like yourself. Please contact us if you have any requests, issues, or questions. Thank you for helping to make the world a greener place!


Complete Quick Start Guide to Using the EVHotels App
Complete Quick Start Guide to Using the EVHotels App

Complete Quick Start Guide to Using the EVHotels App

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App Modules Explained

App Modules Explained

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How to Use the Dynamic Legend

How to Use the Dynamic Legend

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Complete Guide to Customizing the App for Your Car and Your Preferences

Complete Guide to Customizing the App for Your Car and Your Preferences

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What is an EV Hotel? How to find EV Hotels, How to clear the map with the legend key, Confirm hotel charger details, Choose and reserve your hotel


How to customize the map results to show your favorite hotels, EV network memberships, car plug type, and preferred walking distance from charging stations to hotels


Illustrates key components of the App including: Search bar, map area, tab bar, hotel detail page


Use the Dynamic Legend to quickly sort through the map results to show only what you want. How to turn legend categories ON and OFF for efficient searching.



Email us with any further questions you may have using the links above.

What is the definition of an "EVHotel"?


An EVHotel is a hotel that owns and manages an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger and it will appear as a Green pin on the map. When a networked charger bank is located near a hotel, the hotel is NOT a true EVHotel, but a Yellow 'Walking Distance' hotel (see legend key below). Green EVHotels offer overnight charging to their guests, typically as level 2 charging.  An EVHotel will show up as a Dark Green pin if it is one of your preferred hotels.

How do I find an EVHotel?


Select the 'Find Hotel' tab and pan and zoom around the map to find your EVHotels which are displayed in Light Green pins (or in Dark Green pins if the hotel is also set as a preferred hotel chain/brand in the 'Filters' tab.)


Tapping on a green hotel icon will display their charger details.

Tap on the Legend to toggle the displayed hotel and charger types.

There are too many results on the map. How do I control the display to filter for my categories?


Tapping on the legend of the map will toggle each displayed category on and off. As an example, by tapping on th legend you can easily hide all colored map icons except the Dark Green EVHotels of only your selected preferred hotel chains AND Magenta Tesla Super chargers.

Can I reserve a hotel through the EVHotels App?


Yes, we encourage you to make hotel reservations through the app as you would through other mobile or internet applications. Select the hotel from the map, and tap 'Reserve Hotel' to proceed to the hotel's reservation website.

How do I find more details about the EV Charger at the EVHotel?


When searching the map on the 'Find Hotel' tab, tap the Green hotel pin for a summary of the charger port details, and then select the green square with the number of ports to see more details about the charger ports and to access a link to view and reserve the hotel.

How should I start to use the EVHotels App to effectively use the embedded features?


Customize the app to your preferences with the 'Filters' tab. 'My Ports and Adaptors' will filter map results to show chargers that are compatible with your EV car ports and adaptors. For example, a Tesla driver may select J1772, Wall Plug and Chademo in addition to the Tesla US plug type if these adaptors are used with the car. Customize your hotel preferences, perhaps based upon your hotel loyalty memberships, with 'My Hotels' to highlight these hotels in the map. Select your charger network affiliations with 'My Memberships' and select how they will be displayed on the map. Once your preferred filters have been set up, select the 'Find Hotel' tab to find your EVHotels. Fine tune distances with 'My Range' to set your preferred walking distance to an EV Charger and also to show your car range for trip planning.

What is the difference between a Yellow and a Green EVHotel?


A yellow pin on the map represents a hotel that has a public charger bank within walking distance. EVHotels accounts for some cases where public charger banks may be located on the hotel’s premises, but is not owned or managed by the hotel. Alternatively, a Green ‘True’ EVHotel, is a hotel that owns and manages its own charger bank that they make available to their guests (and maybe the general public, depending on the hotel).

What is the "Walk Range" button?


The ‘Walk Range’ button on the Find Hotel tab shows a circle surrounding each publicly accessible (not private) charger bank that is displayed on the map. The radius of the circle may be changed in the Filter tab by tapping My Range. The circle allows you to find hotels within your custom walking distance of a public charger as a secondary option to finding a true EVHotel.

What is the difference between Orange "Hotels" and Red "My Hotels"?


My Hotels are those hotels that you have selected as your “preferred” chain brands from the Filters tab. If they are also EVHotels, they will appear as Light Green or Dark Green. (Non-Preferred or Preferred, respectively.)

What is "Walking Distance"?


Walking distance is the distance you are prepared to walk to an EV Charger from your hotel. Your custom distance may be set in the Filter tab by tapping My Range. All Yellow hotel pins on the map are within your custom walking distance of a public charger bank. A circle is drawn around each public charger bank showing the yellow hotel pins within walking distance.

Is it possible to add an EV charger to the map or update an existing EV charger?


Yes, go to the 'Add Charger' tab to either create a standalone charger or modify an existing hotel to become a Green, EV Hotel. To create a standalone EV Charger (not owned or managed by a hotel), press and hold the map at the location of the new EV Charger. Once a red pin appears, you can tap the pin to define the charger bank. A charger bank can have one or more charger ports. Each bank of ports should belong to a single owner and be set to public or private. Each port has a unique plug type. For example, a single charger bank may be owned and managed by NetworkChargers Ltd, but has 3 ports available: 2 x J1772’s and a CHAdeMO. Note that a Supercharger bank located next to a hotel is considered a standalone charger bank as it Is not owned and managed by the hotel. The adjacent hotel will appear as a yellow hotel, meaning it is within walking distance of a charger, but not a true EVHotel.

What if the EV Charger details are not correct?


We encourage you to update EV Charger information that may be out of date or incorrect. Go to the 'Add Charger' tab, select the EV Hotel or standalone charger bank you wish to edit and make the changes as necessary. On the same tab, you may also select a hotel and convert it to an EV Hotel by selecting the "Make it Green" option, or hold a finger down on the map to drop a pin - to make a new standalone charger bank. EVHotels can not guarantee the correctness the charger data. Please help us to update or add any missing information. Every touring EV driver using EVHotels benefits.

My hotel does not show up on the map. How can I add it?


In the EVHotels App, zoom in to where your hotel should be located. If it doesn't show up, you may need to add it to the Apple Maps database. It is easy to add your hotel or business to Apple Maps by visiting Most hotels feel that it's a good way of marketing their location. Once your hotel is entered into the map database as a 'lodging' or 'hotel' business, your establishment will show up on the EVHotels App soon thereafter. You can then further edit your lodging business as an EVHotel using the EVHotels App. To do this, go the to the 'Add Charger' tab, tap your orange hotel icon, and then tap 'Make it Green' to specify your EV charger details. Once your hotel appears as a Green Icon, EVHotels users will identify you as an EVHotel.

What is the legend key - what do the map pin colors mean?


 Dark Green    EV Hotel that is also set as a preferred hotel brand

 Light Green    EV Hotel that is not a preferred brand


 Dark Yellow    Hotel that is within walking distance of a public charger bank and is a preferred hotel brand


 Light Yellow   Hotel that is within walking distance of a public charger bank and not a preferred brand


 Dark Red        Hotel without an EV Charger that is also set as a preferred hotel brand


 Orange           Hotel without an EV Charger that is not a preferred brand


 Dark Blue       Standalone Level 3 charger bank (e.g. 50KW CHAdeMO)


 Purple            Standalone Level 2 charger bank (e.g. J1772 6KW)


 Light Blue      Standalone Level 1 charger bank (e.g. 110V wall socket)


 Magenta        Tesla Supercharger (125Kwatt+)


Each of these categories may be toggled on and off on the map display by tapping directly on the legend.

Can I further customize the pins displayed on the map?


Yes, tap on the legend icons to toggle the selected category display on and off on the map display.

I'm a hotel manager, how should I use the EVHotels App?


First, install an EV Charger in your parking area. We suggest that simply having your electrician install one or more standard J1772 chargers provides your guests with the most versatility, delivering both measured power during overnight charges and meeting the need of most guest's car types.


Adding your hotel to the EVHotels App is as simple as selecting the 'Add Charger' tab and locating your hotel on the map. If your hotel is already an EVHotel, it will appear as a green icon. You may want to verify your EV charger details and edit/update them if necessary. If your hotel has not yet been identified as an EVHotel, it will appear as an orange or red pin. Select the orange/red pin of your hotel, and then select the option to 'Make it Green' which then prompts for the charger bank details that can subsequently be viewed by potential EV driving guests. Congratulations, and thank you for becoming Green!

How do I install an EV charger for my guests?


Installing an EV charger is relatively simple. Start by contacting your electrician and ask to add a 240V/50A home-run circuit (per charger port) to a location in your parking area. A pair of chargers is always better than just one. After this, install a J1772 charger in the USA (or a Menekes Level 2 charger in Europe) to a point on a wall or post at the head of your chosen EV parking space. Your electrician can apply for a permit as your local government office requires for electrical work to be performed. Hotel chargers are simple to manage and cost approximately $500. They can even be mail ordered from Amazon. Cheaper &  chargers can simply be plugged into a wall.  For more information, we refer you to our web pages for hotel owners and managers. It's important to realize that an overnight guest does not need a high power charger - a 10amp/2.5Kwatt charger is ideal for a charge while they sleep. This will also be simpler and cheaper to install. 

I already have an EV charger at my hotel. How do I make my hotel an EVHotel?


Go to the 'Add Charger' tab, select your hotel pin, and tap 'Make it Green' to specify your EV charger details. When you tap 'Back to Map', the hotel charger bank will be saved for everyone to view.

The app crashed. What should I do?


We appreciate very much the opportunity to fix any issues that may occur with the app. You would certainly assist us in the debugging process by sharing any crash reports with us. To turn on crash logging, go to 'Settings --> Privacy --> Analytics --> Share iPhone Analytics: ON' and then on the same 'Analytics' page, switch the 'Share with App Developers' to ON. This setting can be turned on and off as you wish at any time. In the mean time, we'll do our best to improve our overall stability.

The hotel web pages do not behave normally when I try to make a reservation. What should I do?


Some hotels require that cookies be allowed for fully functioning website features to run on your iOS device. To un-block cookies, go to 'Settings --> Safari --> Block Cookies: OFF'.

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