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EVHotels App - Now with 16,200 EV Hotels

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Version 1.6 has been released and includes both New features and a lot more EV Hotels.

  • The EVHotels database now includes over 16,200 EVHotels to choose from

  • A New Search Field allows to send your map directly to a place of interest

  • We have added a New Share screen to help share the EVHotels App with your friends

  • The Total number of all hotels, in the database, now exceeds 230,000 worldwide

This means that EVHotels database, with available electric car chargers is now at ~7% of the worldwide total number of hotels. We still have along way to go. But at least, with the EVHotels App, these forward thinking Stay-&-Charge hotels are very easy to locate.

Happy Holidays, Happy Charging and Enjoy your Stays!

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