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EVHotels Version 1.5 - What's New?

The New EVHotels App is evolving rapidly. Smoke is pouring out of the ports of our Developer's laptops as I type!!

For Version 1.5 we have focused on the User Filter Settings performance. An improved algorithm has chopped down the time to set up your preferred Hotel Brand filters and your Car's Plugs and Adaptor settings. Stability is also far better.

At the same time we're improving stability of the overall App and it's firming up nicely now. Since launch at version 1.1, our crash rate has dropped by 93% - so we are now as the position of "No Know Crashing Bugs". Whew!

In Version 1.5, we have also added over 2600 new charger banks worldwide or which ~400 are EVHotels. Plus 500 more non-EVHotels hotels to the map database.

Our deepest Thanks to all of our brave 'Launch Week Users' and for your valuable Comments, Critique and Feedback. A special Thanks to those of you who have added more EVHotels to the database. At the end of the day this is what every EV Tourer benefits from... and it's what we're all about.

Once everyone's happy with this new App Stability - we'll move on to adding your requested features.

Happy EV Touring!

- dawn

You can await for your iPhone or iPad to Update automatically in a fw days - or you can manually update by grabbing 1.5 from iTunes after March 10th, 2018.

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